Monday, January 5, 2015


Scrambled potatoes with onion, spinach, and tomatoes
Back in the early 60s, when I was a kid, my mother often served us a baked potato and chopped spinach on the same plate. Then she would come around behind me, cut open my potato, pile the spinach on it with a pat of butter and mash it all together with my fork. I can visualize her doing this and it's actually a very fond memory -- having her so close to me, the way she smelled, what her sleeve looked like that day, the rings she wore, etc. So I grew up eating potato mashed with spinach and I still love it. When I was told I could eat the skin of the potato too I was really pumped! I didn't know any other kids who did that, and it made me feel very cool.

I love potatoes. Who doesn't love potatoes? And I often use them as an inducement to get my family to eat other healthy foods. For example, putting potatoes in soup will make it popular even if there's little or no meat in it. And who doesn't love potatoes at breakfast? Often I stretch scrambled eggs by adding some potato. I can add a lot of other vegetables that way too: onions, peppers, tomatoes, some chopped spinach -- if potato is in there, it gets eaten.

You can make any number of lovely scrambles by adding pre-cooked potatoes to other ingredients like the ones I mentioned above. It's the word scramble that makes it a breakfast food.

The key is making the potatoes separately first. You can use last night's leftover mashed potatoes -- but who ever has leftover mashed potatoes, right? So here's how to quick-cook some potatoes:

Cut the potatoes into small thin pieces or small chunks. Small pieces cook fast in boiling water and are perfect for scrambling into any sauteed vegetables you like.

Yesterday I made scrambled potatoes with onions, mushrooms, and swiss chard. Or a really simple one is potatoes, swiss chard/spinach/kale, and garlic. Delish!

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