Sunday, January 5, 2014


Interesting article on Psych Central discusses studies showing that people eat what they believe others eat: “The evidence reviewed here is consistent with the idea that eating behaviors can be transmitted socially,” said Robinson.

You would think people's eating choices would be more motivated by their own tastes and needs, but evidently not. Many people I see around me do look like they have twenty pounds or more of unprocessed food sitting around their middles. I guess this commonality in bellies does suggest that eating behaviors are contagious.

So here we are at the beginning of another year. I woke up on New Years Day really wanting to cleanse for a few weeks -- three weeks has worked out well in the past. My 2014 cleanse: no caffeine, no alcohol, no wheat, no dairy, no sugar, lots of veggies, and fruit (not too much fruit, but some to make green smoothies), plus seeds and nuts. Other years I've given up meat too, but I've decided that's not particularly good for me.

I'm not eating wheat and dairy anyway, so it's really caffeine, alcohol, and sugar which are the hurdles, with caffeine being the highest one. Other years I found my nightly wine was the hardest to stop, but giving up wheat helped a lot with cutting out drinking alcohol, though I did enjoy quite a bit of wine over the holidays.  I also overindulged (way-overindulged) on chocolate, so I have a little sugar issue to get over too.

It's morning and I just finished a big mug of hot water with a squeeze of fresh lime. Wish I could say I thought it was a good substitute for coffee. I don't.  But looking back at my journal, I know I'll be reaping some happy benefits.

After one cleanse I wrote:  "If I totally leave this cleanse behind, I'll be a fool -- my rosacea is so faded and my sinuses so clear. My mood has been stable too. Haven't had a depression crash or a super-high... I just feel pretty calm. Good sleeping too. Amazing.

Today is day five of the cleanse and last night I'd rate my sleep a 10 (out of 10) -- I didn't even get up to use the bathroom -- and my mouth doesn't taste yucky like it does when I drink and eat sweets. I am looking for more improvement in my skin, but overall, I'm feeling healthier and calmer than I was a week ago, and by saying so in this blog I hope I can socially transmit this cleanse to others. 

Happy 2014!


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