Monday, March 4, 2013


I'm eating a lot more raw food lately and I'm loving it! LOVING IT!!!! It simply makes me feel great and fills me up for hours.

Here's my favorite go-to raw meal: a chopped salad with a base of chopped celery and chopped carrots. Those two vegetables chopped keep in the fridg for a long time without going soggy or turning color the way lettuce does. Plus having a good quantity chopped up in advance means I can make a nutritious, filling meal REALLY FAST!

Here are various things I might add at the last minute: cucumber, avocado, leafy greens, tomato, corn kernels, chia seeds, hulled sunflower seeds, chopped nuts, sesame seeds, hulled pumpkin seeds, apple, raisins, orange sections, cauliflower bits, tuna, chicken... Then I just drizzle on a little olive oil, squeeze on a little lime or a bit of vinegar, a sprinkling of sea salt, then toss with my hands.

Today  my avocado was pretty mushy so I mashed it with salt, oil and lime, and with my hands really got the carrots, celery and leafy greens coated before adding the chia seeds and a little leftover chicken. Took about five minutes to throw together and it was colorful, filling, and tasted fabulous.

Carrots and celery are reasonably priced too -- particularly if you don't buy the already trimmed stuff which is pretty wasteful and shaves off a lot of nutrition. Also, kids love the crunch!

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