Thursday, December 27, 2012

DAY 33

I'm hellbent on making a daily run hard wired into my life. Since reading the first chapter of  Spark by John Ratey, MD I've been getting out for a run after my first cup of coffee each day (today is day 33), which with the holiday, I'm finding hard. Something about a diet of cake and ham leftovers is making me less physically motivated. But I'm doing it! And here's the best thing I've found: it solves problems.

If you're not a painter you may find it hard to believe that a painting problem can cause the same sort of angst as any work-related issue: labor disputes, mean boss, declining sales, equipment malfunctions, you name it, it totally does not trump a failing piece of artwork (think Van Gogh's ear). When I have a painting on my easel that isn't going well I can barely tear myself away and when I wake up in the morning and remember my failure-in-process I get depressed. Really! I don't want to get up and face the fact that I wasted such a big canvas, so much paint, so much time and have no clue how to fix it.

This morning I got up feeling totally defeated. Then I forced myself out for my run

As I approached the park pangs of non-interest in exercise began to stir. I begrudgingly used that Nike slogan: "Just do it." Now that I'm totally into how my brain works I watch my thoughts almost as though they're someone else's. I see patterns and pitfalls and I coach myself: "Think how good you're going to feel when you finish..." and I don't listen to my own excuses.

I did feel good when I finished and as I was walking home the idea of how to fix the painting appeared to me like a vision -- REALLY! and I started to look forward to a day of working and I thought of one more ham recipe too. So all I have to say is YAY for RUNNING!!!!! and thank you John Ratey. Guess I'll be keeping my ear after all.



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