Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Just got this nice letter from one of my friends who gets my health lover emails:

I wanted to let you know that after I read your email about sugar, I decided to take sugar out of my diet to try and lose those extra pounds that I always blamed on menopause. Well the sugar got me reading labels. I was shocked to find that sugar was in everything. So that led me to taking wheat out of my diet.(Have you read Wheat Belly? Really interesting.) 

So now what to eat!? And you know how much I love to eat and cook. I had an old copy of Eating Well, a pretty good healthy cooking magazine. In it was an article about green soups. The gist of the article was about how important green vegetables were to our diets; and how easy it was to create green healthy soups by going to you farmers' market and gathering whatever was in season. I clearly made a green soup and will be eating it every night this week. Next week I will make another one and I'll keep going until I've tried them all. All this eating healthy got me thinking about you and how much I appreciate your healthy tips. So keep them coming . Also I thought you might want to add a recipe or two to your emails. It is hard to always come up with what to eat that is healthy and interesting to eat.  The magazine has some great helpful tips. Like baking corn tortillas to make a healthier snack and that salsa made with fresh ingredients has practically no calories. OK I've gotten a bit obsessed, but I feel so much better ( a bit hungry) but better and I may have lost some weight. Anyway thanks and keep the emails coming. 

NOTE: Since receiving this letter I've had a friend come live with me while she recovers from emergency surgery. She LOVES the green soups! Lisa turned me on to them just in time! It's green smoothie for breakfast and green soup for lunch here at Hospital Cyndie. The patient is recovering nicely! Thank you Lisa!!!

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