Thursday, June 14, 2012


Are you critical of yourself when you look in the mirror or when you exercise? How about when you can't remember something? 

Recently I heard someone say that if we spoke to ourselves in the third person, we'd realize how abusive we are. Many of us are meaner to ourselves than we are to anyone else. I know I fit in this category sometimes, even though I know that being mean is a lousy way to encourage anyone to be better, including my self. Plus it's ridiculous considering how amazing we all are.

Consider for a moment our eyes -- not how well they see or if they're bloodshot or itchy or have circles or crow's feet, but how our eyeballs function, how they let us see colors and recognize people and allow us to drive and read a computer screen. Pretty cool, right? What about our tongues, the tips of our fingers, our sex organs, our digestive systems, the muscles in our legs, our hearts, our BRAINS!  Admit it, our bodies are remarkable in countless ways. They do so much without our even asking, so we should be thankful, right? We should praise our bodies. They want to be healthy. They were made to be. If we abuse them by consuming artificial ingredients, sodas, too much alcohol, by smoking cigarettes or doing illicit drugs, or if we push them too hard without resting, why should they look or function any better than they do? 

We all know on some level that if we give our bodies good food, exercise, rest, and fresh air they'll function and look better. So what are we waiting for? Maybe we're waiting for our bodies to cooperate. That's why we want to give them encouraging words.

This week when we see our image in the mirror let's say something positive and then give our bodies a reward for being so amazing. For example, I'll say, "Hey Cyn, you are doing incredibly well for a hot day. I don't see how you even manage to function when it's so hot, and here you are getting so many things done. How would you like a big glass of water? How about TWO big glasses of water, because I really appreciate your fine work and I know you need water to function well."


"Well don't you look good this morning considering what time we went to bed and all the wine I gave you. May I say, you're quite the dancer! How about two big glasses of water and some eggs with chopped peppers, tomatoes, and onions. Later we'll go for a walk and tonight I promise we'll go to bed at 10:00...I love your hair, by the way."

I know our bodies will respond to this positive talk by looking and functioning better. It's been proven! 

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