Thursday, September 22, 2011


Worm Dinner
If every meal you serve is half fruits and vegetables like it should be, you have lots of non-meat scraps. I sure do. And living in a small city house, I was searching for a good composting solution.

Then my friend Joanne started talking about her vermicomposters and sent around this link... Last week she brought me a small bin of little worms (they're not Red Wigglers, but they're related to them) in their own bedding. I had their new home all ready for them.

It's day 10 and there's no smell, no real problems at all. And what a thrill to have a place to ditch my scraps that's only 9 steps from the kitchen counter!

Fruits, vegetables, leaves, coffee grounds, paper towels, newspaper. Read the link to find out how to layer it... it's really easy...I've got my own system that I'll share once I know it works...

My soil expert, old college roommate wrote me that "worm poop is like gold!" Hey, I know what I'm giving this Christmas!

Come and get it!
My Lovely Worm Composter

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Do you ever feel out of control or helplessly on the wrong track in your life?  Or are you troubled by recurring thoughts or feelings you wish you could escape? I've recently learned some ideas on how to change this.

It turns out that our minds are way more flexible than previously thought. We don't have to be stuck or just live with ourselves in some form we're unhappy with. And it's not just a matter of will power or escape, there are exercises that can remake our brains more the way we'd like them. Whether our troubled thought patterns are related to our pasts, long-term conditioning, even brain damage or chemical imbalances, improvement is possible through understanding how our minds work. Once we have a picture of that, we can learn to use the better parts of our brains to heal or rewire the damaged parts.

This summer my son gave me an excellent book about this subject by Dan Siegel, M.D. called Mindsight. I've recommended it to everyone since. Siegel does a great job of explaining our brains to us and then takes us through case studies where he's taught patients about their own brain disfunctions and how to remedy them.

Then while painting yesterday, I listened to a rebroadcast of an NPR interview between Krista Tippett and neuroscientist Richard Davidson Ph.D. also about rewiring the mind. Fascinating!

If you've ever thought that you're your own worst enemy or if you're in any way feeling bad about yourself, take some time with one of these resources and you may start on a more hopeful path. Here's the link to the radio program: Being: Investigating Healthy Minds with Richard Davidson