Monday, May 9, 2011


Have you ever thought about how sugary breakfast is? Cereal, muffins, toast w/jelly, granola bars, pop tarts and even juice and fruit... it's all sugar. This may be a bad way to start the day. I believe what Dr. Robert Lustig says: sugar gets in the way of our body's signals that tell us we're full.

I love to feel full! Not stuffed, just full enough so I'm not thinking about food all the time. But that sensation of total satisfaction for me is rare. Sometimes even after a big meal, I still crave something sweet. But not if I start the day with a no-sugar breakfast. If my first meal of the day is an egg dish, or oatmeal without raisins or sugar or milk (lactose is sugar too),  I can go for hours without thinking about food. When I get to the next meal, if I again don't have anything sweet, I never get a sweet craving.  It turns out I can go all day like that. I'm so surprised to discover this. You might be too.

If you try it, let me know if you have the same experience, I'm really curious.

This morning I'm going to have leftover chicken soup for breakfast. Why not?

According to Lustig, sugar in large quantities drives up insulin secretion. This insulin floods the brain, and in particular the hypothalamus, which regulates energy use in the body. As a result, leptin, a hormone that tells the brain when the body needs more or less energy, can't get its signal to the hypothalamus because the insulin blocks the way.

The result is that the body is thrown into starvation mode -- the brain thinks it isn't getting enough energy and therefore needs more calories and to save energy.  People end up feeling the symptoms of starvation: malaise, depression, a lack of motivation to exercise and, of course, hunger.

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  1. Take a look at This breakfast works for me! No sugar, no high-carbohydrate fruit. I use strawberries, blackberries (my favorite), or cooked guavas as the fruit. The carb load is small, there's no added sugar, and the chia gives it a lot of substance. Give it a try!

  2. After reading about the slow-carb diet in "The Four Hour Body" by Timothy Ferriss I began eating refried and other beans for breakfast (usually with eggs). It's a great low-glycemic replacement for carbs like cereal and bread.
    DD in NY


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