Friday, December 10, 2010


We are a household that does not cope well emotionally with the short days of the year, so I've been researching diet as it relates to depression (I've included a lot of sources below -- lots of interesting reading).  The bad news:  neither white wine nor tequila are helpful, but I guess I already knew that.  The good news is that there are lots of foods that are helpful, even for those who are taking anti-depressants.
Based on what I've read, my food plan for the winter months is to avoid meats but increase our fish consumption to 3 times a week;  add flax seeds to the green smoothies I make in the mornings;  serve lots of beans (particularly lentils) and green leafy vegetables;  and snack on seeds and nuts. 

Plus we'll try to cut back on alcohol -- this can be hard when the days are short -- but drinking IS counter-productive if you're trying to avoid depression. And sugar isn't good either, though a little dark chocolate does have some proven benefits.

Important supplement: Exercise. My motto is -- the less I feel like getting it, the more I know I need it. The same goes for getting outside in the sunlight.


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