Sunday, December 5, 2010


The NYTimes story at the top of the on-line Most Popular article list this Sunday morning is: Weight Watchers Upends Its Points System. Amazing. Fruits and most vegetables are now 0 points. I think that's wonderful. I also think it could be the end of the $1.4 billion dollar "empire" that is Weight Watchers. But dying for a good cause is noble. Bravo Weight Watchers.

My prediction: Once folks get a taste for fruits and veggies (which are delicious) and see that weight basically pours off when you start filling each meal with them, the need for counting points will go out the window.

Of course all Weight Watchers are not happy.

“I don’t want to be forced to choose veggies. I do NOT like veggies or fruit,” one member wrote in an online discussion on the Weight Watchers Web site. “I feel like I am being forced to ‘diet,’ and that is what I DO NOT WANT.”

Message to this person: You haven't tried enough fruits and vegetables. Give your body a chance. There are people in the world who actually get up in the morning and CRAVE a green smoothie (fruits and leafy veggies combined in a blender). You CAN become one of these people. Imagine the quadruple pleasure you'd experience:
  1. This is "FREE" (0 points) -- whoopee!
  2. This tastes GREAT!
  3. My weight problem is GONE!
  4. I have an extra $12 ($15) dollars a week!
If, as the article suggests, the 1,750,000 members and adherents "rethink how they shop, cook, and eat", watch out! It's going to be crowded in the produce section.

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  1. Very interesting! It always half amazes and half doesn't surprise me when something like this that makes total sense from a health standpoint comes out in the mainstream as "big news!" To the person you quoted in your blog who does not want to "diet," I would encourage that person to change the view that vegetables are "diet" foods to the view that vegetables and fruits are foods that the body needs in good abundance to look, feel, and stay healthy. I liked your response, also, Cyn, to that person with the suggestion to give the body a chance to uncover its desire for vegetables. Cause once you get away from much of the processed things that the body doesn't truly want anyway (but has been "tricked" into believing it does), the body starts to "right" itself and become interested in the good stuff like vegetables and fruits and even "crave" such.


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