Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I try to cook at least one tasty, healthy meal every day, and because I like to experiment, some days things don't work out so well.  Today I made an awful lentil vegetable soup.  I can't even explain all the ways I hated it, but the lentils not being soft was only the beginning.  So I got depressed.  

After feeling like a loser and a failure for an hour or so,   I decided I needed some new inspiration and watched a few cooking videos at the Alice Water's Green Kitchen site.   That cheered me some.  But then a foody angel took over my computer and opened The NY Times Minimalist Video site, a site I never knew existed.  Why not? I read the Times on the internet ALL THE TIME.  Mark Bittman saved my day.  Tomorrow I will wake up excited, go to the market, and cook once more.   Thank you foody angel!

Meanwhile I wonder if I can fix my lentil soup by puréeing it in the blender....  


  1. You took the lentil soup debacle pretty hard. Glad you recovered!

  2. That Minimalist guy was so cute! I have to make his Butternut Squash Salad if only cause I wouldn't want to disappoint him! I'm copying down the recipe now...


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