Sunday, October 10, 2010


I'm having some eye trouble, so naturally my thoughts turned to carrots.  I made Gingered Carrot Soup from an old Enchanted Broccoli Forest recipe.  However, I put in way too much lemon juice  (I recently squeezed 100 very potent little lemons) and it's basically inedible, though I've been trying --  I just had a bowl cold with sugar sprinkled on top for breakfast.  

I'd toss the rest, but after visiting the World Carrot Museum website, I'd feel like I was throwing away pure gold.  

Here's what I found out:  CARROTS ARE REALLY GOOD FOR YOU!

And catch this:
Carrots cooked whole are better for you than if you cut them up first!   A lot better -- like 70% better.  And they taste better if you cook them and then cut them.  A lot better according to taste tests.  

Who knew?  

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