Wednesday, October 13, 2010

VEGGIES IN THE NEWS: AgJOBS and sensible immigration reform -

Rep. Steve King's Iowa district is all pigs and corn so he can afford to make jokes about doing away with vegetables.   But his remarks are only a small part of this editorial: AgJOBS and sensible immigration reform -, which makes a lot of interesting points about how seasonal the work of harvesting our nation's vegetables is and why that's the other reason (the main reason being $$$) US Americans don't want the jobs.  

Living in Mexico, I talk to lots of people who have spent time in the US as laborers, and  I believe, if it wasn't so hard to go back and forth across the border, a lot of seasonal workers would  be happy to go home when the work was over.   By making the border crossing so difficult, we shoot ourselves in the foot.  

The standard of living in Mexico improves dramatically every year so unless one is fleeing a drug zone, the wages available in the US are really the only draw.   US dollars go a lot further in Mexico.  So let's make legislation that makes crossing back and forth, safe and legal.  As for folks who have established their families in the US, I'm for letting them legalize ASAP.


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