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This morning I was googling try a new food 10 times in an attempt to find where that advice comes from and if it really gets a child to eat. The first two sites I came to had parents describing their kids' eating habits. Now I'm totally depressed. Here are excerpts from the two sites and links to the advice they're given. What is most remarkable to me is that neither parent thinks feeding "food products" to their kids might be part of the problem.

we have a 6 year old that is used to TV dinners, pizza rolls, ramen noodles, an chef boyardee soup, mainly a few others here an there. but when we talk him into trying a new food it hits his mouth an gags an pukes an we do not know what to try, please help. any advice. he is also kind of getting tired of the same old stuff he used to eat,

My Child Will Not Try New Food Please Help!


My little boy Daniel is 4, he is a cheeky monkey bless him but it is absolutely driving me to distraction with his fussiness over eating. Like alot of toddlers, he used to be great and would eat anything and everything whereas now talk about frustrating. Here is a list of what he will eat:

Frostie Cereal Bars
Chocalate Digestives (only McVities)
Cheese and Onion crips (only Walkers)
Chocalate Buttons Milk and White
Milky Bars
Jam Sandwich (no butter)
Fish Fingers (Struggle)
Chicken Nuggets (struggle)
Pizza (only from a take away)
Eggy Bread (with tiny sprinkle of sugar on)

That is about it, he will not remotely try anything new, he won't so much as even lick something, because you'd think if he got the taste on his tongue, well no is the answer to that.

Thankfully he far from looks mal nourished or unhealthy, he is not under or over weight, but I am absolutely sick and tired of meal times and having to give him the same old cr**. His teacher has pointed out to me on days when he may have misbehaved at school that his packed lunch is very sugar orientated, but to be honest I have literally no other choice and I am sorry I just cannot bare the thought of him being hungry at school!

I admit that I do give in but he certainly does'nt, when I try and get him to try anything.

Can anyone please suggest a way of getting him to try new things, I have tried Broccolli trees and telling him certain foods will give him super powers etc, not a chance does he fall for it. He will not eat any single form of fruit or veg and I am fed up, to put it mildly, of mealtimes. My eldest son who is 9 is also quite fussy and I have started a thread about him as I am worried about his weight as he is over weight and I don't want it spiralling out of control.

Like I say any suggestions would be so appreciated. Please bare in mind that being a Forces Wife I live in Germany so don't have the luxury of English supermarkets which I so desperately miss. Thanks for reading xx

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Meanwhile over at, the chatroom is full of parents discussing what they're putting in their kids' smoothies in the morning.

It's not one world yet...

I still don't know whether offering a food 10 times has any proven validity. I'll pick up that thread another day.

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