Monday, October 11, 2010


I start almost every day making green smoothies.  I got the idea from this post on the Food as Medicine blog which has ten good recipes to get you started.   If you really get interested, check out History of the green smoothie.  The inventor of them, Victoria Boutenko put a lot of thought into their creation.  The key is to use dark leafy greens and the ratio of 60% fruit/40% greens.  That way the flavor is absolutely fruity, though the color is definitely green.

If you're never likely to consume enough spinach or kale -- even if they do help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, or if you wouldn't touch a collard green with a ten foot pole, then green smoothies may be perfect for you.  For one thing, NO COOKING!  Everything just goes directly into the blender.  (I serve mine in wine glasses to add glamor.) 

Boutenko is a raw food vegan so she doesn't use milk or yogurt in her smoothies.  But sometimes, I do, depending on the fruit.  Strawberries and peaches go nice with milk or yogurt and mint and parsley.

Note:  I admire Boutenko, but she didn't really invent green smoothies.  Here in Mexico jugo verde is a popular drink in fancy restaurants and at street stands. It's made with nopal cactus, celery, pineapple, and maybe a little orange juice, parsley, or lime.

Also, green smoothies don't have to be exotic.  One of my favorites is simply orange juice, spinach, and banana.  Yum! (Add some fennel frond and it's over-the-top-WOW!)

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