Thursday, October 14, 2010


Yesterday I went on a hormone-fueled eat-a-thon. I stalked through the kitchen every few minutes trying to find something to attach my angry feelings to and cramming all things edible into my mouth without thinking.  I only have healthy food around the house, so it was a fruit, nuts, and grains eat-a-thon. Still, the cat ran and hid.

Finally, I threw a handful of sunflower seeds in my mouth and found out they were dried lentils -- YUK!  It was like having a mouth full of pebbles, and it really got my attention. 
After spitting a lot, I went to a chair, closed my eyes and did some meditative breathing to get recentered.  I told myself it's okay to be hungry and eat, but being aware of what I'm eating is key.
When we're stressed or tired or insane, we need all the help we can get. That's why I've put some dried lentils in a wineglass in a place where I'll see it often. It's my mindfulness shrine.
If you're an impulsive eater and would like to know more about meditative breathing, Geneen Roth teaches a super easy method in her book, Women, Food, and God.  

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