Tuesday, October 12, 2010


"If the world gave up 70% of its meat consumption the global warming crisis would pretty much be solved." That's what I told Alice last night when she wailed, "Why can't we just eat like we USED to?" After my answer, she stopped talking, took a bite of her fried lentil burger, and said, "This actually tastes pretty interesting."

Since that was so easy, I thought Eat 70% Less Meat should become my mantra for awhile. But then I reread the Treehugger article from whence I got my factoid and realized I'd gotten it wrong. The article actually said:
As for the climate change impact of cutting back on meat eating, a study released nearly 18 months ago calculated that the costs of climate change mitigation could be reduced by up to 70% if more people either adopted full vegetarian diets or (at minimum) reduced meat consumption to mid-20th century levels.

But I don't think I lied. Cutting consumption by 70% would be better than getting back to mid-20th century levels. Does it really fix global warming if we only eat about a lb. of meat per person per week? Read the study, and give me your opinion.

70% less is basically the same as becoming a weekday vegetarian, an idea that's gaining a lot of traction. It's just another way to look at it, a way Alice found palatable. Today she came home and found out our main meal was salad (a really good salad with hard boiled eggs, cheese, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, avocado...). She did not stomp off. In fact, she hung around the kitchen while I mixed the salad and sat down cheerfully when it was ready. After all, it's one thing to give up foods you love because your mother's nuts, it's totally another thing when you're saving the world.
Here's a 3 minute presentation on Weekday Vegetarianism.

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