Thursday, September 23, 2010


Two of the most  emailed articles in the NYTimes this week, "Eat Well to Be Well" and Thomas Friedman's "Too Many Hamburgers", involve the trouble Americans are in with their diets.  The first one explains how most US doctors are so clueless about nutrition that they don't know how to make recommendations to their patients concerning weight even when they know that would help a lot.  There's a Dr. Preston Maring in Oakland who's trying to change that by running around training doctors how to mince garlic and talk to their patients about eating plant-based foods.  Younger doctors are getting on board faster than older ones.  Dr. Maring seems like a smart, influential guy with a nice manner so I'm glad he's on this.  You can check out his recipe website in the links section to the right.

Thomas Friedman opens his article about visiting China with this:

China’s CCTV aired a skit showing four children — one wearing the Chinese flag, another the American, another the Indian, and another the Brazilian — getting ready to run a race. Before they take off, the American child, “Anthony,” boasts that he will win “because I always win,” and he jumps out to a big lead. But soon Anthony doubles over with cramps. “Now is our chance to overtake him for the first time!” shouts the Chinese child. “What’s wrong with Anthony?” asks another. “He is overweight and flabby,” says another child. “He ate too many hamburgers.”
That is how they see us.

Friedman goes on to explain how the US is falling behind China because  we've got a better political system than they do -- it just isn't working at the moment -- whereas their inferior system is working quite effectively.   With that great introduction about the hapless Anthony, I was hoping he'd  get around to the possible contribution of diet to the success of the Chinese and the slowing up of the Americans.   Nah.  It was just all politcal theory.

I think Mr. Friedman should have a talk with Dr. Maring.

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