Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Ever have one of those days when you're totally optimistic and so full of both energy and ideas that you wish you could figure out why so you could feel that way every day?

On Monday I had some intestinal thing that lasted 24 hours and I barely ate a thing.  Then yesterday I made the tomatillo dish that nobody liked.  Oh, but did I mention that I didn't have it just once, I finished the leftovers too, just to remind myself what I didn't like about it.    Then I slept great for the first time in many nights and got up at 6:30 this morning without an alarm and wrote my blog and read the Obama interview in Rolling Stone.  Then at 9:30 I went for the best "run" I've had since August.

(I don't want to give the wrong impression -- when I say "run" I mean, run 2 minutes alternating with walk 2 minutes -- but today I went for an hour instead of the 40 minutes I've been doing the past month.)

Out of curiosity, when I got home, I googled tomatillo and found this little tidbit:

One medium raw tomatillo comes in at a measly 11 calories, yet it provides 91 mg of potassium. It is the best vegetable source of the B-vitamin niacin, and provides calcium, folic acid, vitamin A, and vitamin C. And if moodiness is an issue, you'll be happy to know that tomatillos are especially high in lithium. Imagine the benefits if you include several in your tomatillo recipe.

I probably ate 2 cups, so maybe I'm still high!

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