Thursday, September 30, 2010


I figured out a few summers ago by going to our local farmers market that the cheapest package of locally raised meat was the sausage.  And soon I realized that the spicey sausage was so spicey that a little went a long way.  That makes it perfect for a one pot meal where you don't want to use too much meat but you want to satisfy the meat eaters.

For this dish I fried about a cup of chicken sausage, then added par-boiled potatoes cut into cubes and carrots also cubed (because I chopped up carrot sticks I'd cut a couple days before).  After the carrots started to soften I added zuchini cut into triangles (cut long ways in quarters then holding the quarters together, cut into slices), and sliced mushrooms -- Alice really likes mushrooms.  That was it, there was probably equal quantities of each ingredient.  The cup of sausage gave the whole dish enough spice.
Alice gave the meal the thumbs up, and suggested I could make it with pasta next time instead of potato.  Fine by me.

Note:  I always cut carrots into rounds, and Alice always picks the carrots out, but having them in little cubes made a big difference in how the dish looked and tasted.  For one thing, cut in cubes, the carrots stayed crunchier.  
When I was designing today's mandala, Alice picked the background.  She likes the mandalas.  OH, and to really make my day she asked for a tomato and cheese salad.   That's just sliced tomatoes with lime juice squeezed on them and some cheese.   Is it possible she's getting a taste for healthy food?
I don't want to get my hopes up... but maybe.

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