Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Bad day for veggies in our house yesterday.  I thought I was making a terrific dish.  My friend Alicia gave us directions for tomatillo sauce for sopes while we walked yesterday morning and I decided to make it and serve it with chicken on rice.  

In the pan it was beautiful!  About 3 cups quartered tomatillos, one poblano chili chopped, one medium onion chopped, a stalk of celery chopped, some cilantro chopped -- so many lovely shades of green, but I left my camera at the party Sunday, so no photo -- darn!

Meanwhile, I pan cooked a whole chicken leg (leg & thigh), not all the way, but most of the way, and then stripped off the chicken.  One of the things I like about cooking in these proportions is that because I'm using so little meat (ie. dividing one leg between 3 people) I don't worry about whether it's a fattier cut.  Fattier has more taste, so if you're trying to please the meat eaters with only a little meat I figure go with the most flavorful cuts.

When I thought the sauce had simmered long enough I put it in the blender and blended it some, but not until it was smooth.  I put it back in the pan and added the chicken and cooked it for another twenty minutes.

Alice came home from school, looked in the pan and announced it looked like puke and that all the food I'd been cooking lately also looked like puke.  I remembered how I once made a comment like that to my mother and ended up smacked and in my room without dinner.  HOWEVER, I'm trying to keep violence out of the kitchen, so alll I said was that that wasn't a nice way to talk and that I thought the sauce was beautiful and it was going to taste delicious.

I WAS SO WRONG!  I served it on rice and although the portions were correct and it did look rather nice, it tasted very raw.  Also, I think there were too many tomatillos relative to the other ingredients,  I should've chopped them more -- they were undercooked.  My friend Dorian had suggested boiling them first for about 8 minutes.  But then I had read about them in my Rick Bayless cookbook and that didn't seem necessary.  Dorian - 1, Rick B. - 0.

Geoff ate all his, Alice ate about 1/4 of her plate and then took a little pot of tamarindo paste that Geoff had been given for his birthday and went up to her room.  Tamarindo paste isn't bad for her, but still I felt like a failure.  Worse though is that Geoff bought her Cheerios soaked in honey when he went to the store later.  She ate it for breakfast this morning -- two helpings.  I said nothing.  Usually she doesn't eat anything for breakfast, so she was eating it partly to get my goat.

Well my goat will not be gotten.  Today is a new day.  I just read Obama's interview with the Rolling Stone on line.  If he's not daunted, I sure can't be!  
Obama in Command: The Rolling Stone Interview | Rolling Stone Politics

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