Friday, September 24, 2010


Dieting doesn't work, I know that, yet I read a second diet book this summer because it was in a cottage we borrowed for a long weekend with my husband's cousins. Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin.  Catchy title and not much else to read, so the two women cousins and I each read it over the weekend.  It's a short book.  The language is muy drill sargeanty, and there's a REALLY DISGUSTING section on how animals are slaughtered in the US.  It's meant to put you off meat, eggs, and dairy. 

You also have to give up alcohol, coffee, and sugar -- three of the food staples for our long weekend.  So the book got the thumbs down from all three of us.   But the part of the book I liked a lot was the idea YOU ARE WHAT YOU  EAT.  They made the point that if you eat brutally murdered animals or the products of animals that are brought up in inhumane circumstances, you eat their pain and suffering. I accept that idea and have thought of it a lot since reading the book.

The last section of Skinny Bitch is devoted to the things skinny bitches can eat.  Turns out there are oodles of packaged vegan foods that taste like the foods you have to give up.  And that was my real gripe with the diet.  I don't like processed, packaged foods.  If we accept that you are what you eat, then if you eat machine made, packaged food, won't you end up all uniform and sterile looking? 

I concluded Skinny Bitch = Barbie Doll, and I always found her rather shallow, how about you?

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