Friday, September 24, 2010


Dieting doesn't work.  I know that.  So why did I read three diet books this summer?  The first one was because a well respected friend told me her best friend since childhood had always been excessively pear-shaped even though she was a persistant athlete.  Then at age 60 her shape finally changed due to reading The Instinct Diet, by Dr. Susan Roberts.  My respected friend happened to have a copy. So, being terminally pear shaped, I borrowed it.  Guess what?  I only read the first three chapters and three months later I'm much less pear shaped.  And I never followed the diet.  I didn't even get to the recipe part of the book.  

The genius of this book is that the author is an expert on all the reasons diets fail.  She's been a diet researcher at Tufts (the diet research capital of the universe) all her life and the first part of the book is devoted to the five most common ways people overeat.   Two of them I recognized immediately.  I stopped doing both those two things and that's cut loads of calories out of my diet.  End of story.  

What were the two things?  Oh come on, if you're pear shaped, get the book.   It probably works for apple shaped people too.  There's a new version out called "The I Diet."  That's easier to remember I guess.   I definitely recommend the book.

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